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Why choose us

Trusted advisors developing innovative high impact solutions using engineering models and cutting edge technology. Pioneers in cloud based app development and deployment. EICE is a core Engineering Company focused on simplifying oil & gas operations by developing engineering applications. We have successfully developed number of Applications custom made for specific client needs. Clients consider EICE as trusted advisors due to EICE's domain expertise and technical services capability and integrity.

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Application Development

EICE is a core Technology Company and Engineering Application Development has been our forte since day one. We have successfully developed numerous Engineering Applications that would become the backbone for design and development for our clients.

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Engineering Consulting & Training

At EICE, we provide direct consulting and seconded consulting for our clients on short, medium and long term assignment. We have a highly motivated experienced team that would certainly add value to your organization. We specialize in supplying experts..

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Digital Oilfield

Oil & gas industry face challenges such as rapid increase in wells and facilities, influx of big data,analyzing and prioritizing operations with limited availability of work force. The digital oil field (DOF) program can help enhance production, reduce downtime and reduce operational hazard.

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Mechanical Engineering Services

We provide Mechanical Services in design , drafting and documentation.

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IT Outsourcing

EICE outsourcing model delivers innovative and cost-effective solutions that help transform customer' s business. We leverage our domain expertise and platform-driven process transformations to offer full-service solutions to various industries

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