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EICE is a leading geospatial and remote sensing technology company providing end-to-end, custom built GIS and Remote Sensing solutions to both corporate and government clients. We have domain expertise in developing solutions for oil and gas, pipeline network assets, energy, utility and the environment. Our unique offering is the ability to integrate mathematical modeling and engineering applications with GIS, using GIS as the spatial navigational tool to perform business operation geographically.

EICE offers the full range of products and services in the areas of custom spatial application development, spatial data management,and remote sensing based application development to help our clients successfully design, implement, and support GIS technology and data integration.

Our team includes a number of specialized GIS professionals that have significant experience in the deployment of GIS technology and have been exposed to diverse areas within the GIS industry and community. The extent of our core competencies and domain expertise in this area enables us to provide comprehensive, innovative solutions for the entire GIS development lifecycle.

EICE enables customers to extract insights through a spatial view of business and operational data. These insights strengthen strategic and operational decision-making and generate a significant impact on operational performance. Our spatial business intelligence solutions transform our customer'’s ability to manage operations and achieve previously unattainable levels of performance. Together, the combined EICE team has a wealth of experience in providing innovative fusion of business and spatial information through new insights.

The deployment of GIS and remote sensing technologies in the oil and gas is our key strength. Geospatial asset integrity management improves the profitability of oil and gas operations. EICE provides oil and gas geospatial E&P asset management systems with customizable workflow automation, data visualization and services to clients globally, helping optimize operations, improving functionality, and mitigate challenges, enhance reliability and safety. A successful upstream Asset Integrity Management program incorporates design, maintenance, inspection, process, workflow, visualization, real time compliance, operations, and management concepts. All these disciplines impact the integrity of infrastructure and equipment. Best practice facilities must have comprehensive, fully integrated systems and a culture directed at gaining greater lifetime effectiveness, value, safety, availability, profitability and return from production and manufacturing assets.

EICE has exploration and production specialists and engineering support in all areas of Geospatial E&P Asset Management System, including design, process safety, engineering functionality, mechanical integrity, inspection, maintenance, operational, economics, logistics, climatic conditions, process support, corrosion, metallurgy, HSE and risk analysis.

Custom GIS application Development

  • Custom JavaScript applications with ArcGIS, AutoCADMap or MapInfo services, Google Maps services, and Bing Maps services, Flex framework
  • Custom applications with GIS capabilities using the .NET Web Application Developer Framework (.NET Web ADF). It includes web application in AJAX-enabled framework on both sides i.e. server side and client side. The client side JavaScript framework is built on MS-AJAX.
  •  Build applications with GIS capabilities using the Java Web Application Developer Framework (Java Web ADF). The Java Web ADF is an AJAX-enabled framework for building Web applications built on JSF and Java EE. It includes server side controls and client side behaviour accessible via JavaScript libraries.
  • GIS Mapping for SharePoint provides a set of interactive and configurable mapping components for use with existing Microsoft SharePoint sites. The components, or parts, enable you to display and interact with ArcGIS Server map and attribute data, Bing imagery and services, and location information in SharePoint lists.
  • • Development of rich internet applications with GIS Server and Bing services using the ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/WPF. The API enables you to create highly interactive, visually rich and expressive applications for both Web and desktop clients.
  • Experience with using OGC components.
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